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Our Bags

Plastic envelopes personalized





· It can be printed 6 colors in both sides


· It can be printed a full coverage color




· White (White inside / White outside)  Microns from 55µ

  LDPE (LD) Low Density / HDPE White (HD) High Density


· HDPE Colour


· Coextruded (Black inside / White outside) Microns from70 µ


   LDPE (LD) Low Density


Sizes available


25x30+5 / 30x45+5 / 36x45+5 / 40x50+5 / 45x50+5 / 50x60+5 / 60x60+5


die cut handle



(Removable or Inviolable)

Double inviolable adhesive

(optional. For ONLINE returns)




























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