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Twisted Handle Generica standar





· Can be reprinted in flexografphy or serigraphy


· All full colours printed on kraft ribbed paper (Black, Burdeaux)


· Handle color the same as the bag (except gold coated - kraft handle colour - silver coated - grey handle colour)




· White kraft 100 gsm (18+8x24, 18+8x39, 24+12x31, 28+12x36, 32+12x41, 36+16x54, 46+16x49)


· White kraft Ribbed 100 gsm (18+8x24,24+12x31, 32+12x41, 46+16x49)


· Kraft ribbed 90 gsm (18+8x24, 18+8x39)

· Kraft ribbed 100 gsm (24+12x31, 28+12x36, 32+12x41, 36+16x54, 46+16x49)


· Smooth kraft 100 gsm (18+8x24, 24+12x31, 28+12x36, 32+12x41)

· Smooth kraft 110 gsm (46+16x49).


· White coated 120 gsm (18+8x24, 24+12x31, 32+12x41, 46+16x49)




18+8x24 / 18+8x39 / 24+12x31 / 28+12x36 / 32+12x41 / 36+16x54 / 46+16x49





























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